Show Secretary

Head2Tail is in possession of the knowledge, experience, equipment and contacts both nationally and internationally to deliver a show secretary that will enable your (international) driving competition to function optimally:

  • excellent national and international contacts 
  • extensive knowledge of the driving sport
  • ample secretarial experience 
  • tasks handled expeditiously 
  • fluent in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish     


Head2Tail will collaborate with you to develop and execute the publicity for your event. From wrangling news reports to providing posters and signage, Head2Tail can arrange it all.  

Head2Tail can also be called upon to support your diverse activities though the writing of press releases and articles. 

For a number of projects, Head2Tail will provide coordination with the press. Appointments with magazines, radio and television can all be arranged. For larger events it is even possible to arrange a press centre, which can be realized within your budget by utilizing our extensive contact with journalists and photographers.